Tuesday 22 November 2016

Two Quick and Easy Colour Blast Backgrounds by Tracey Campbell

Hello Colour Blast Followers.
It is Tracey Campbell back again with two quick and easy background techniques for you to use on your layouts.

Background 1 - Hope 

For this layout I wanted to create a soft textured look using some Colour Blast products.
The first thing I did was spray some water onto the cardstock and then sprayed a few squirts of  Colour Spray - Bubble Gum over the top of the wet cardstock.
As you can see the Colour Spray mixes with the water and seems to take on a life of its own as it spreads across the cardstock. I also added a few splatter drops on the outside of the water spray, where the cardstock was still dry so that the splatters did not spread.
Once the Colour Spray was dried I adhered a small strip of pattern paper down the right hand side of the cardstock and then scrapped a thin layer of White Heavy Gesso over the top to dull down the colour in the patterned paper. Handy Hint - use an old expired credit card/medicare card to spread Gesso - it gives a great finish.
Using the White Heavy Gesso I then applied a thick layer of it through a brick wall stencil
and then through a decorative stencil. I get a bit impatient waiting for my medias to dry so I tend to apply it all at the same time, hoping not to mess up what I have already done.
This is what the finished background looked like. Not bad for using just two of the Colour Blast Products!!! This is one of the many reason I really enjoy working with Colour Blast, you only need one or two of the products and you can create a stunning piece of artwork.
I wanted to add a small touch of the baby blue to the layout so I mixed some of the Heavy White Gesso with some Colour Mica Powder - Polar. It gave me a subtle colour with a little bit of a shimmer (which didn't photograph that well, sorry) and then painted it onto some wood veneer.

 Next up I finished off my layout with a few embellishments which I adhered to the layout.

Background 2 - Love

For this background I wanted to have it predominantly pink with a subtle touch of gold, so I rifled around in my Colour Blast stash and pulled out all the products that I had in tones of pink and red.
 I lined up my pinks and reds from lightest to darkest, not even worrying that I have Colour Shimmer Spray or Colour Paste next the Colour Spray. I concentrated on the tones of the colours. I then popped the Colour Paste - Bling into the line up. Next I simply used a dry paint brush and a little bit of the products and dragged the brush vertically down the cardstock until the product ran out and left scratch marks behind.
This is what the background cardstock looked like when I had finished. The colour order is Colour Shimmer Spray - Rose Petal, Colour Paste - Rose Petal, Colour Paste - Bling, Colour Spray - Bubble Gum, Colour Spray - Love, Colour Spray - Sunset and Colour Paste - Fire Engine.
I felt the need to add a few tiny touches of gold to an embellishment to tie it in with the background so I simply dipped a coloured chipboard heart into the pot of Colour Paste - Bling. 
As you can see it give a tiny subtle look that adds a dash of elegance.

With the rest of the layout I added embellishments in roughly the same tones of pinks and reds around the photo, to create movement across the page.

 Thanks for stopping in and I hope that I have inspired you to pull out your Colour Blast Products and to create simply beautiful backgrounds in a jiffy.


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