Saturday 19 November 2016

Who Needs Tools by Danielle Vertigan

Have you ever arrived at a Crafty weekend with the girls or Retreat
and left your tool at home???
Your Tote???
Well this one is all about making do!
So first thing is first. Lets find our new essentials??
Your spatula has fallen out?
Cut up an old store card....
Who doesn't have one of those they no longer need?
No Paint Brush?
Check your toiletry bag or bathroom at the accommodation?
A cotton bud will do nicely!
Lastly no Stencils???
All we need is a black pen and to think outside the box!

I decided I wanted brickwork.
Its easy to do and will hide your flaws beautifully!
A great place to start with your first freehand experience.
Using a random mix of 3 products in the range I've kept it simple!
Colour Spray Road Base
Colour Shimmer Spray Apple of my Eye
Colour Paste Stormy Weather.
Colour Embossing Powder Dusty Charcoal and Apple of My Eye.

I randomly drew my horizontal lines at varying lengths.
before going back through and creating my vertical lines to complete my brickwork
My 2 Colour Blast Sprays where applied randomly using my Cotton Buds.
Remember I don't have my tote so no palette is with me.
So I simply removed the spritzers and dipped the cotton buds straight into the
bottle and then directly painted that onto the page.
With the stalk from the Colour Spray Road Base I re-dipped it and flicked the stalk
to create my splatter.
I decided it needed some more colour and repeated the same process using
 Apple of my Eye.

I attached my doily to the layout.
Next was to layer my Colour Paste!!!
I love this stuff! Heaven in a pot!
I layered this over the doily flowing onto the layout both top and bottom.
By layering it over the patterned section of the doily it also helps as an adhesive.
My applicator was my cut store card it works a treat and its a great option especially if your have multiple colours on the go.
No more washing between applications.
I used a stencil shhhhh!
But if you don't have them??? Options????
A doily could be sacrificed to use the pattern.
You could draw using a skewer....
What could you think of outside the box? 

When embellishments are scarce we often forget to use off cuts and chevrons are both simple and effective in dressing your layout.
Using a liquid glue or Gel medium I then added Prills.
This could be Glass beads?
Sea Beads?
Small stones just something that can add texture....

Using my Embossing Powders I inked first then sprinkled them with the powder.
whilst hot I dipped them into the excess and re heated for extra depth and coverage.
If you left your tidy tray a simple piece of paper will do and allow you to pour the excess back in.
If you forgot an ink?
Use the gel medium you using previously
Just apply with your finger.
If all else fails apply your Colour Paste using your finger and then sprinkle with the Embossing Powder.

 Using Random words can often come together just by a little creative writing adding in the words your need to bring the title together.
There is always random sequins at the bottom of your bags or strange embellish that might need a tinker??
We have Sprays, Texture Paste and Embossing Powders.
All we need to do is play.

Some more freehand around the edges using my black pen and I've got a simple page that's come together with a lot of unexpected pieces.

What solutions have you found when your tools are missing???

Till next time

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