Thursday 10 November 2016

"Pig in Mud", by Amanda H.

Hello Colour Blast fans,

Welcome to be first page share for November. Recently my daughter got muddy, which seemed like the perfect chance to do a messy and dirty page with some Colour Blast Products. Please try to ignore the fact that somehow flowers and sequins made it onto the page!

 I will step you through the process I took to create the page, and then I will give you some close up pictures, so you can see some of the detail on the page!

Here are the steps I took to create the page:

Firstly I applied clear gesso to my piece of Kraft Cardstock.

Next I mixed some Espresso Colour Mica Powder  with Texture Paste, and applied it through a stencil for the background. I used my heat gun to dry this.

See doesn't it look lovely and muddy?!

Next I sprayed some water to the background, and then sprinkled some Colour Shimmer Dust in Paris into the water.

I sprayed more water and moved the colour around on the page, by blowing it - I used a straw.

Next I sprayed some Mocha Colour Spray, and some extra water and moved the colour around the page by again blowing with a straw and with a heat gun.

 I removed the top of the Mocha Colour Spray bottle and used the wand to splatter some colour on the page.

I mixed some more Paris Colour Shimmer Dust with water, in my paint palette and used a paint brush to splatter some green colour on the page.

 While the background dried, I used some Colour Blast products to colour my embellishments. Anything white (I've used alphabet stickers, ribbons, flowers, Burdys foam shapes, Charms Creations, etc.) is likely to get the Colour Blast treatment. And this is how we create perfectly colour matched pages here at Colour Blast!  

Paris Colour Shimmer Dust used to colour a Charms Creations DIY arrow.

Mocha Colour Spray used to colour my title, Burdys foam cogs and a paper flower.

Now I am ready to layer my page and photos and papers!


Again, here is the finished page and some close ups!

 Cluster of pretty things!

 I love the "muddy" title!


Check out the beautiful shimmer!

Thanks for looking today!


  1. Awesome page! Such beautiful mud :)

  2. I haven't seen this one yet.... And I totally love it!! Just perfectly muddy and downright delightful!