Thursday 31 August 2017

‘Treasured’ by Amy Churchward

Hi Colour Blasters! Amy here today with my mixed media layout on canvas that I have called ‘Treasured’.

 First, with a foam roller, I covered my canvas with Heavy White Gesso. This stuff dries very quickly. It is great to use on a variety of projects. 
Using a cobblestone stencil and spatula I applied 'Leather' Colour Paste to my liking with the photo placement in mind. 
I used a heat gun to further speed up the drying process - it doesn't take long to air dry, though.
Next, using Leather Colour Shimmer Spray, I added a layer over the dry stencilled paste and held the canvas up so that it ran and added coverage.
Using the end of the stalk, I dabbed in between the cracks of the cobblestone randomly with Deep Water Colour Shimmer Spray to break up the brown, to my liking.
The background was in need of some shine, so I sprayed the whole surface with the stunning Bling Colour Shimmer Spray.
Once I was happy with the coverage, using a script stamp and a permanent brown ink stamp, I stamped around the canvas.
Now it’s time to prepare the embellishments. 😊
 Using a heat gun, I heat embossed my chipboard using the Bling Colour Embossing Powder.
To add a bit of Colour Shimmer to the background papers I used the divine Sienna Colour Shimmer Cube. By applying a bit of water to the cube with a brush then I splattered it around.
I also splattered it onto black paper flowers: the Sienna and black are the perfect match!
Using a bit of tissue paper, I rubbed it with some Caribbean Colour Spray and water.
Then stamped it with a pattern of my choice using a permanent pack stamp ink.
After I prepared my embellishments, I then assembled the canvas to my liking with the photo placed and adhered.
Here are some close ups of key details of my canvas.

And here is the finished product!
Thank you for looking: until next time, take care, Amy 😊

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