Friday 25 August 2017

Be Daring Today - by Fiona Hughes

Hi everyone. I'm back to share another of my layouts today. Once again I have recycled some, (what many would call rubbish, I call...), leftover remnants. Here is the final product, what do you think?

Let's get started......

I started with a piece of heavy gauge white cardstock, to which I stuck the leftover surrounds from a 12x12 die-cut sheet. Then covered the entire page with Heavy White Gesso & allowed it dry naturally, to prevent buckling of the cardstock. I love how this looks, it gives so much  subtle texture to the overall layout.
(picture pre-gesso below)

To build up the background texture, I picked a bubble stencil and 3 Colour Pastes- Deep Water, Stormy Weather & Steel. I splodged globs of all 3 colours, randomly on the stencil, from left bottom corner, upwards diagonally to  the right top corner.
I grabbed a 40cm plastic ruler and made only 2 swipes across the page, so as not to mix the colours. The result was 2 distinct areas top and bottom, with the 3 colours easily seen.

I grabbed my Colour Shimmer Sprays in Deep Water & Stormy Weather, and using the "smooshing"/packaging technique, added some more colour over, the now dried, Colour Paste spots.

After letting that dry, I wanted a little more randomness,  & I chose the Colour Shimmer Spray in Dusty Charcoal. Using the tubing from the nozzle,  I splattered flicks of shimmery magic over the page.

To finish this baby off, I embellished with phrase stickers,  paper flowers, flair buttons and a lovely teal hessian heart. I also split the title  to top & bottom, following the diagonal flow of the layout. The Be Daring part of the title, was originally raw watercolour card, so I used the Deep Water shimmer spray to colour it too.

This layout is, again, showcasing my journey of trying to learn some self-love this year. Thanks so much for humouring me and looking at my page today. I hope you can take something from it and use it yourself, with your own Colourblast goodies,  on one of your next pages, (I'd love to see the results).

 I hope your day is amazing. Here's to the weekend.

Cheers, Fi x

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