Sunday 6 August 2017

Colour Blast String Flowers by Tracey Campbell

Hello everyone I am so glad to be back for another term here on the Colour Blast Design Team - these all Australian made products are so versatile and such a great product that it makes it easy to be inspired by them.... I still have so much to share so I am ecstatic to be here.  
For my post this week I have been playing in my art journal creating string flowers, it is such a fun technique and pretty addictive that it hard to stop. Each flower turns out completely different then the last. I am going to share just four that I have created, or else this post would be far too long. :)
Rainbow Rose and Sugar Sweet Rose
Fairy Dancer Rose and Bleeding Rose
Step One: Cut about 80 cm of twine/string and feed it into a bottle of Roadbase Colour Spray, making sure that it all gets soaked except for about an inch that you will need to hold on to.
Set Two: Pull the sting out of the Roadbase Colour Spray and start to lay it on loops onto the top of your page.
 Step Three: Lay all the sting in loops and then the non-inked end place so that it is falling towards the bottom of the loops.
 Step Four: Place the opposite page or another sheet of paper over the top of the loops and gently press down. Grab the non-inked end and pull it out from the paper sheets, pull it towards yourself, making sure that it remains in contact with the papers. I have lifted the paper here a bit so that you can see what I am doing.
 Once all the string has been pulled out take off the top sheet of paper or open the journal up. You will have two images - one a mirror image of the other.
 Using Roadbase Colour Spray and a paint brush add a few more details to your flower. 
 Next I used the straw of the Roadbase Colour Spray to flick some splatters around, as I was after a mess look.
 Here you can see that the flower on the left I added more details to it. I was experimenting to see which I like the best at this stage. With the flower on the right I only added the leaves. This is the time to individualise your flowers and to get them to look how you want them.
 Now for the colour I used the wonderful little pots of colour - Our newest products to Colour Blast the Colour Shimmer Cubes. If you have not heard of these they are a shimmer water colour cake, they are to die for!!!
 Simply activate the Colour Shimmer Cube with some water and paint onto you flower. For this flower I wanted a really messy rainbow look so I applied lots of water and lots of colour, which I let run down the page. The colours that I used for my rainbow flower were Lipstick, Royalty, Deep Water and Sunshine. The leaves and stem were Apple of my Eye and Envy.
 Next I used the straw from the bottles of Sapphire and Saffron Colour Spray and splattered across the page. I didn't protect the flower when I was doing this so I went back and mopped up some of the splatters from where they fell on the flower and leaves.
 For the other image of the flower I wanted a pink/red rose so I painted the rose with some of the many tones of pink/red Colour Shimmer Cubes that are available
 - I used Blush, Punch, Rose Petal, Lipstick and Fire Engine. Then the green tones for the leaves - Apple of My Eye and Envy.
 For the third flower I wanted to create the colour first to see what would happen. I simply sprayed a page with a variety of reds and green Colour Sprays, in a rough shape that represents where the flower would be. I used Rainforest, Sunset, Bubblegum and Love Colour Spray
 Then I repeated steps One to Four from above.
 I think that I moved the string around too much whilst I was pulling it out for this flower as the stem is very thick. Next I used a black pen and drew in the leaves to finish it off.
 For the image on the opposite page I could see a figure in the flower so I decided to see if I could outline the image a bit to bring her out.
 Using a black pen I drew on the Roadbase Colour Spray.
 Not the most prettiest dancing fairy I have seen but she was in the image waiting to bee seen.
 So as you can see each time you do this string art technique it turns out differently. Then by adding some colour it turns in o a unique image.
Please let me know which one you like the best. Thanks for stopping by, I hope that you will join our Facebook group Colour Blast Creative Corner and share your string art flowers with us, I would really love to see your unique flower.

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