Wednesday 9 August 2017

Neutrals that Shimmer with bling by Danielle Vertigan

Its funny how you gravitate to certain Colours.
When I first starting playing with Colour Blast
I was a big Envy and Deep Water fan.
It featured heavily in my layouts and craft projects.
Skip forward to today and I have a new love.
Sunshine and Sienna!!!

The Neutral tones really are gorgeous together.
The Sienna adds a beautiful earthy depth and will not disappoint with its shimmer. 

So first things first you will need White 12x12 cardstock and
chipboard. Theses are layered together to re-enforce our project.

Its time to select your colours.
Sunshine Colour  Shimmer Spray
Sienna Colour  Shimmer Spray
I used the Sunshine Shimmer Spray first and spritzed my page.
Next using the Sienna Shimmer Spray I spritzed in concentrated areas creating pools.
I completed this one area at a time to allow me the control to rotate my page moving the access around creating my drips.
Once I was satisfied with the results I set the background aside to dry.

I added another spritzed layer using the Sunshine Shimmer Spray.
You can really see the droplets from the spray here.
I love this look.
I was careful not to move page so I could prevent them from spreading.

The Sienna  Colour Paste Is a Gorgeous Colour.
When you use it you will be addicted.
So its time to get this onto my layout using my chosen stencil.

I again worked on my two focal areas

I added a Spritz of Bling Colour  Shimmer Spray
and added third layer of Sunshine.

Using the Road Base  Colour Spray
I removed the top and used the stalk to drip splatters onto my page.

The Black Gel pen seems to be my go to items these days.
Im really enjoys the freehand borders you can create.

Using the internal circle of my double sided tape as a guide
I drew on some layered circles.
I used the base of my bottles for the smaller circles and
freehand the tiny circles.

Inspired by my Brickwork border I added brickwork in with my
Journaling. This is a great shot above that really shows off the shimmer.

The Road Base has held a great drip as its dried.

Id love to hear about your favourite colour combinations?
I look forward to seeing your layouts

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