Wednesday 2 August 2017

Fun with Colours and Simple Techniques by Amy Churchward

Hello, my name is Amy. This blog is, well, firstly to introduce myself! I am excited to be here and very grateful to Colour Blast for the opportunity. This project is a combination of simple techniques that I hope you might enjoy, to show off a favourite photo!

(1)    First, I started off by applying White Gesso to my white 12x12 card stock paper, using a foam roller, to prime my page for the mediums to be applied.

(2)    Backing. I adhered the white card onto patterned paper for two reasons – first for effect, as well as to stop it buckling.

(3)    Dab some colour. Using some plastic packaging, water and Colour Shimmer Sprays I dabbed the chosen areas with each colour. Here I used Apple of my eye, Deep Water, Love, and Sunshine. Allow to air dry after each colour (or use a heat gun if you are in a hurry). Air drying is better for the paper (than heat gun).

(4)    Splatter some colour. Using the nozzle from the colour Shimmer Sprays, I splattered droplets on the water colour area to my heart’s content and allowed it to dry again.

(5)    Stamp. To enhance the background effect, I decided to use some background stamps. You might choose any stamp(s) you like. Stamp in areas where the photo or embellishments will sit later. It is important to us a permanent stamp ink, so that the stamp does not bleed with the yummy Colour Blast products.

(6)    Emboss. Heat embossing: I inked a wood veneer word with Versa Mark then dipped the word into Dusty Charcoal  Colour Embossing Powder. I repeated the process of heating and dipping the word, until it had full and thick coverage.

(7)    Draw. Once the wet mediums had dried, using a black permanent marker, I drew a large circle, using a dinner plate as a stencil.

(8)    Bling. To add a bit of ‘glam’ to the pattern, while trying to keep it simple, I used the gorgeous Bling Colour Paste. Once dry, it really shines! I applied it using a ‘Crosses’ 12x12 stencil and palette knife and was guided by my photo, in the positioning of Crosses.

(9)    Embellish. Once dry, I applied some embellishments. I recommend playing around with a few ideas before you settle on sticking these (and your photo) down. To bring the page together, I did some doodling (one of my signature finishes!) on the border of the paper, before laying up my photo and embellishments.

(10) Finito! Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to sharing my journey with you. I hope this got your creative juices flowing!

Happy Creating

Amy 😊

Colourblast Australia Design Team, #colourblastaustralia