Thursday 6 April 2017

A Moment To Treasure by Suzy Loudon

Hello everyone. Welcome back to the Colour Blast Blog. 
I'm here again to share a page I've done. Once again I set myself a goal to do something I don't normally do. Green & yellow are colours I don't normally use so that was my challenge (I didn't do too well on the yellow but I tried).

To begin my page I coated my cardstock in Heavy White Gesso

Once dry I sprayed my page with water (where I wanted colour), then sprinkled some Paris  Colour Shimmer Dust then sprayed some more water spreading the colour around.

I continued to add more Colour Shimmer Dust & sprayed it around drying with my heat gun in between layers.

For my final layer I used the plastic technique. I mixed up a stronger shade of Paris Colour Shimmer Dust on a piece of acetate, then splattered it on my page adding another layer.

I added some Tangareen Dream Colour Paste through a stencil.

If you do what I did & get side tracked & forget to clean your stencil do not fear...add some water into a container. Add a few squirts of liquid soap & swish around. Soak your stencil for a few hours then I use an old baby bottle brush & a nappy wipe to clean my stencil. And good as new.

I used my finger to spread Heavy White Gesso around my photo.

I layered a few coloured papers to back my photo.

Time to colour my flowers.
I sprayed some Sapphire Colour Spray onto my craft mat. I then sprayed some water, wetting my brush I added some Sapphire to my water mix. Colouring my flowers from the inside I added some more Sapphire to my water mix as I went darkening the shade to the edges.
I then sprayed some Snow White Colour Shimmer Spray onto my craft mat & painted the edges of my flower. 

I mixed up some Lollipop Colour Shimmer Dust. Again I added small amounts to water as I went colouring from the inside.

I sprayed a large flower with Saffron colour Spray. Then sprayed a light coating of Snow White Colour Shimmer Spray.
My orange flower I coloured with Amber Colour Shimmer Dust.
For my purple flower I sprayed Indigo Colour Spray then a spritz with Snow White Shimmer Spray.

These are my finished flowers (all started as white flowers)

My chipboard title I gave a good ink with white ink then spread Lipstick Colour Embossing Powder onto the white. I didn't get an even coverage but I actually liked the effect.

My tiny chipboard letters I painted in Heavy Black Gesso.

My metal leaves I embossed with Apple Of My Eye Colour Embossing Powder.

After sticking everything down I covered my photo and used a mix of Heavy Black Gesso & water to make a good splashing black. After some splatters I was done.

A couple of close ups to try to capture the colour & shimmer.

Thanks for taking the time to look.
See you next time.
xxx Suzy

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  1. I was really impressed with the way you matched the colors of Amy`s tie-dyed T-shirt... really good!!!