Sunday 2 April 2017

Cheshire Art Techniques by Amy Little

Hello Colour Blast Friends,

Amy L here with a few art journal techniques when you are next getting messy.

Step One - Using your Colour Mica Powder in Watermelon and Wisteria and acrylic white paint mixed together. Use a stencil and paint it on. This will be a lighter colour and so make sure to use it for subtle layers.

Step 2 - Use Colour White Gesso and Colour Black Gesso mixed together to create a grey and use that to paint a tree. You can thin the gesso out with water for a more acrylic paint look. I used these three colours to paint the tree and I made sure not to mixed it completely together so you can see the different colours in the grey.

Step 3 - Bling Colour Paste  is a great way to add a layer of with a clock stencil. Colour blast paste is best for small intricate stencils

And here is my Cheshire Cat Art Journal

Stay Scrappy

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