Thursday 20 April 2017

Forever Friends by Suzy Loudon

Welcome back to the Colour Blast Blog. Today I share a page of my daughter & her very special friend that she met back in year one. Despite moving schools & separations they have remained close. They are their Forever Friend...or each others Boof as they like to say. 

To begin with I coated my white cardstock with Heavy White Gesso. I did this so when I sprayed with water it wouldn't soak into the cardstock. 

Once completely dry I sprayed my page with water.
Sprinkled some Colour Shimmer Dust in Duke.
Spraying a little more water to fully activate the shimmer dust, then tipping the page from side to side to spread.
I tapped off the excess onto my craft mat.
Dried my page with a heat gun. I then blotted my strip of colour onto my craft mat until I had the texture I was happy with, drying in between dabs.

I spread Bling Colour Paste through a stencil.

I then spread Steel Colour Paste through another stencil.

I sprayed some home made heart embellishments with Just Blue, Bling & Singin' The Blues Colour Shimmer Sprays. (I didn't end up using them all)

I double coated my letters in Snow White Colour Embossing Powder.

My title I double embossed using Just Blue & Bling Colour Embossing Powder.

Assembling my page I backed my photos on chipboard (the middle photo higher than the sides), stuck some cheesecloth behind them. I added some shells, glitter, beads, charms, words & I was done.

Thanks for looking.
See you next time.
xxx Suzy

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  1. I like that you showed the stencils you used... brings a better idea of the tools you used... that helped me anyway... you always do great work Suzy... :)