Saturday 1 April 2017

@37, really? by Ree Peace

Hi Everyone, I love a good gathering of goods, getting as many pieces together from the beginning is really helpful in getting to a final product in good time.

This was an ultra fun LO where I have dusted and misted until my heart was content.

Prepping some regular cardstock with White Heavy Gesso with an old store card is a great start.

Then I got to do the 'dusting' using three green and blue tones of Colour Shimmer Dust, Duke, Peacock and Navy. I used a dry paintbrush that I dipped into the pot, tapped of the excess and then tapped across my DRY gesso'd page. I did this with all three colours, randomly.

Next, I misted the dustings =)
Activating the Colour Shimmer Dusts.

ACTIVATION!!!! So pretty!!

I then dabbed away the excess moisture.

And after drying off, I admired my background!

Adding a cut file, thickers, stamping, card layers and enamel dots...

my page came together very quickly...

 the texture and shine of the Colour Blast products are sooo yummy!

And there I have...another page to enter into my life's fairytale x

Thanks for stopping by!!

take care Ree x

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