Thursday 1 March 2018

'XOX' by Amy

New Month! New Challenge!

For this month’s challenge, TEXTURE is the theme. It can be with the use of the likes of wool, thread, tissue paper or even with mixed media materials such as texture paste and layers of paints – you name it!
I really hope you can give it a go! As I always say you are your own artist and everyone has their own interpretation of the one idea.

I decided to do a bright sea-themed canvas project.
To begin, I prepped my canvas completely with White Heavy Gesso, using a roller.


For the sea floor, using a pencil, I drew a wavy line. I used the Coffee Colour Spray with some water and painted the sea floor. For the seawater, I used Sapphire Colour Spray with some water. These sprays paint so well and flow well on canvas.

To provide more depth to the sea water, I mixed both Roadbase  and Sapphire Colour Sprays to provide some darker tones.

For the sea floor, as I needed some green, I used Rainforest  Colour Spray on tissue paper and scrunched it while I dried it with a heat gun. I tore it into random strips and adhered it to the canvas using a gel medium.

To add dimension to the seaweed I stamped it, using a background stamp and permanent ink.

I couldn’t go without bubbles!
Using a stencil, spatula and White Heavy Gesso, I applied it in a vertical motion.

For the background, using a permanent black ink, I randomly stamped circles around the page.

For my fish, I hand drew the shape and used scrap papers to make this little beauty. You can use fabric, bubble wrap, cardboard or anything else really.

Before I could add embellishments to the canvas, I wanted the fish to blend in. So, using the tip of my fingers, I used both White and Black Heavy Gesso around the fish to add some depth. Then, finally, to provide some shine, I used the Snow White  Colour Paste.
Once dried, it was time to add some embellishments! This was fun to create. Here are some close-ups of the project.

I hope this leaves you feeling inspired to do a project using texture! Once you have made yours, post it in the ColourBlast Facebook Group and share the joy!

😊 Amy

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