Sunday 18 March 2018

Sweet by Tracey Campbell

Hello Colour Blasters and welcome back to the blog. Today I am sharing a Sweet Treat with you - a bit of art I created for my eldest daughter Bronte. My inspiration to use Colour Blast comes from everywhere - this artwork was created after I watched Bronte eat an ice-cream one evening, as she ate all I could think of was the texture of the ice-cream and how it reminded me of the Colour Blast Heavy Gesso and all I wanted to do was get home and create.
Once I was home I pulled out the Heavy White Gesso and some cardstock then using a paint brush I painted a triangular shape for the cone. I did use a yellow gel pen first to draw the shape and size of the cone.
I used a bamboo skewer and drew some crosshatches over the triangle shape to give it a waffle effect.

I then added thick layers of the Heavy White Gesso to replicate the look of scoops of ice-cream.
Here you can see the ice-cream while it dries - you can see that with the Heavy White Gesso you can build up layers and get lots of texture into your creations. A handy tip for the Heavy White Gesso is to see what consistency it is when you first open it, I it is a bit runny leave the lid off over night and check the next day - it thickens in the jar.... so great to tailor to the consistency you love. I have two jars - one that is runny and this one that I am using in this creation that is really thick.

After the Heavy White Gesso was dry I cut out a triangle from some scrap cardstock to use as a stencil - so it is the same shape and size as the cone on my ice-cream. I then sprayed the cone with a coat of Coffee Colour Spray. I forgot how dark the Coffee Colour Spray dries and it wasn't quiet the colour I wanted so I let it dry.
Then hit it with Sunshine Colour Shimmer Spray. One of the many reasons why I love Colour Blast products is that they do over the top of each other and layer to create new looks. Just like it did here for the cone.

As I wanted to have a messy look .... just like really ice-cream melts and gets messy.... so I used a fine paint brush to draw out some of the Colour Shimmer Spray - I even used it to flick blobs around the outside of the cone area.
Now to colour the ice-cream - I cut out a stencil roughly the same shape as the layers of ice-cream.

Then I sprayed some Rose Petal Colour Shimmer Spray over the stencil.

As I didn't line up my hand cut stencil perfectly I used a paintbrush to tidy it up a bit.

Next I used Bubblegum Colour Spray to gently spray the colour on to the top ice-cream scoop layer. Now a hint - if you a doing fine spraying make sure that you spray the Colour Spray onto a piece of scrap paper before spraying on your creation, this way you can see the spray direction and depth... each spray nozzle is different and it is easier to direct if you know how it sprays.
For the final ice-cream layer I gently sprayed Envy Colour Shimmer Spray over the Heavy White Gesso. I love the soft shimmer effect of the Envy  Colour Shimmer Spray - the perfect effect and colour for ice-cream.
Using the straw from the Colour Shimmer Spray and the Colour Spray I tried to mimic ice-cream melting down the edge of the cone and then flicked splats of colour around the outside of the cone.
What ice-cream is complete without a cherry on top?? None - so I just had to give it a cherry. To do this I sprinkled a teeny-tiny sprinkle of Candy Colour Shimmer Dust on the Heavy White Gesso.
I then sprayed it with a small squirt of water to activate the Shimmer Dust. I didn't test this sprayer and ended up with too much water so it ran a bit. But as I was doing a messy look art piece I didn't worry - I simply blotted up the excess with some paper towel.
Next I used the Candy Colour Shimmer Dust on a tulle flower. I simply sprinkled the dust on the flower and activated with water. It did take a bit of time to dry thoroughly.
Where there was excess Colour Simmer Dust liquid left on my craft mat from where I coloured my tulle flower I sprayed some Leather Colour Shimmer Spray to brown up the Candy colour.
I then dipped in a material flower to add colour.
Here you can see how well the Colour Blast products colours material flowers. If you allow the material to slowly suck up the liquid it doesn't go onto all the surfaces... you can see the folds in the material have remained white. If you want a solid coloured flower than simply spray it with either the Colour Spray or the Colour Shimmer Spray.

Now for the sprinkles on top. I simply used a very fine paint brush and painted tiny lines onto the coloured gesso with the Artist Inks in Slipper, Lime and Calypso.
Once the flowers were dry I adhered them in a cluster and added a title. It looks good enough to eat.

Thanks for dropping in and I hope that I have inspired you to work with the Heavy White Gesso as a media to build your artwork on.



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  1. That looks fantastic. Great tips/close ups showing the creating process. Awesome!!!