Monday 19 March 2018

Blue Eyes with Selena Stevens

Todays post is putting together an art journal page using only 5 colours, a couple of stencils and some collage.

Here is the video if you would like to watch a time lapse of me making it.

So, lets begin …

I started by applying the top layer of tissue paper to the journal page with matte medium.  Ensuring that there are no air bubbles.

I applied Black Heavy Gesso with a pallete knife through a stencil randomly over the page.

Using one of my new designs of stencil, I used a sponge to dab Black Heavy Gesso through the stencil to create an eye on each page.  When I flipped the stencil to do the opposite side I wasn’t too worried about the extra paint that may have been left behind on the page at this stage.

Colour Spray Lagoon was sprayed where the darker areas of the face would be.

White Heavy Gesso was applied to the lighter areas of the face with a brush and blended out to the darker areas.

I gave the face some pink cheeks using a small amount of paint with water added and blending it out to the side of the face and the nose.  I didn’t want the layers underneath obscured to much so I made sure that it was a thin layer.

A watersolouble pencil in a black was used around the eyes to add some depth and shading.  The pencil was activated with water and blended in.

To define the eye some more since they got lost a little with all of the layers, I placed the stencil over the eye again and went over it with Black Heavy Gesso daubed with a sponge.  This time I did make sure that the stencil was dry before flipping it over for the other side.

The last step was to add highlights with the white heavy gesso.

I hope that you enjoyed this.

Until next time


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