Wednesday 8 March 2017

My Little Star by Danielle Vertigan

Good Morning Ladies!!!
I had an off the page project that's going to have to wait....
Because I'm a proud mum that couldn't resist
hitting the craft table and showing off my little girl
that has made me proud as punch!

To get started I attached a sheet of white cardstock to
Then got my Black Gesso and a brush.
I decided on a 4x6 photo and with this in mind I painted a rectangular section.
Then I went around the edges in a sweeping motion away
from the square to soften the look. 

This dries quickly and gives a beautiful cover.
I decided at this point to paint a section to the top left and bottom
right of the layout.
I used the same technique to soften the edge.
We have an Oz theme coming your way so the perfect addition was the Bling Colour Paste with this cobblestone stencil.
I started at the top left of my page and worked randomly down on an angle finishing at the bottom right.
At this stage I made the decision to add a disconnected piece of cobblestone.
This part really goes on your visual preference.
Its time to get into some colour!!
I've chosen to work with Colour Shimmer Dust in Lush
I used a paint brush and spritzer as my application tools.
I prefer to work with a medicine cup when using a single colour.
I add my water first then using a spatula I added a touch of the lush powder.
Mix it well and get started by adding the Colour Shimmer Dust to the top left of my layout.
First I added colour using the paint brush.
Creating pools which I moved around my layout till I had my Desired effect that was pleasing to the eye.
I then spritzed with water and left my layout flat to dry.
You can see the change in the effect below.
I did this in 3 sections working my way across the page.
Doing it in smaller sections makes it easier to control the colour.
This is a great shot above to see the clean drips.
You can keep this if desired.
Below you will now see how the water changes the effect.
Once dry I applied some Colour Shimmer Spray in Bling.
I did this around the edges of my Gesso.
Some stamping is next for texture followed by a few embellishments to finish.
You can see in the above image how the water added different layers of texture to the layout as it dried.

 I chose to border the layout with a hand drawn cobblestown feature creating random clusters
The music not stamp was a nice addition and you can see
how beautiful the coverage of the Black Gesso is here!
The stazon ink isn't visible when stamped over it.
I'm not sure of a black gesso that in one application offers such a complete coverage.

I love the Bling along side the Foiled Cardstock
This has to be a staple for any scrapbooker!
Head to
and start your collection!
You wont be disappointed.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my creative journey.
I adore this child and being able to share her moments with my own creativity is a true blessing.
Till next time

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