Monday 20 March 2017

Challenge Accepted by Tracey Campbell

Greetings Colour Blasters. I am back again today, this time I want to share a way that you can add interest to wood veneer shapes, using three different Colour Blast products. Can you see the three different ways by just looking at the layout? They are pretty easy and fast techniques and they add so much more to you layout.  
The first technique is simply to get out some the Bubblegum Colour Spray and spray it directly onto the wood veneer. Make sure that you have an even spray for a super finish. Leave to dry.
The second technique (one of my favourites) is to block off some of the wood veneer with some washi tape and then use a soft flat brush and paint on some Envy Colour Paste. Let dry then paint with one more layer of the Colour Paste. I love placing the wood veneer on an angle when I do this as it ads a bit of diagonal movement on your page. 
The third technique is embossing colour onto the wood veneer by inking the wood veneer with embossing ink and dipping into the Envy Colour Embossing Powder. With small fiddly wood veneers I tend to use a pair of tweezers to hold them secure.
After all the wood veneer pieces have been dipped in the Colour Embossing Powder you will need to heat them with a heat gun to activate the smooth glossy finish. 
Well they are some of my quick and easy techniques for decorating wood veneer - I told you they were simple but very effective. I now have the rest of the lesson on how this page come together, if you want to keep reading.
Using a small stencil positioned in the centre of a piece of 12x12 cardstock I sprayed Bubblegum Colour Spray over it, then before removing the stencil form the cardstock I took the top off and used the spray stick to splatter small and large droplets around the outside of the stencil.
When it was dried I drew a lined boarders around the stencil shape.
Using random rectangle sizes I stacked up patterned paper to create an interesting mat for under my photo.
Using embossing ink I stamped a few images around on the cardstock then brushed on some Cool Mint Colour Mica Powder over the ink. I then set with the heat gun. Once it was cool I brushed of the extra Colour Mica Powder and was left with a very faint shinny image.

Here you can see the shine in the Colour Mica Powder.  
A close up of two of the techniques used on the wood veneers.
The embossed title using the Envy Colour Embossing Powder.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you enjoyed my layout. Please pop on into the Colour Blast store and check out the great range of wonderful products. You are sure to be impressed with anything that catches your eye and if you need any further advice please make contact with any of the helpful Colour Blast Design Team Members.

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