Saturday 11 March 2017

Art & Alcohol - Skai Mitchell

Happy weekend scrappy peoples!

I don't know about you, but my Friday nights are my date nights with myself. I grab a cheapie bottle of wine from Aldi, head into the art studio and lock the door and get creative!

This layout is dedicated to those late night things that just seem to create themselves. 

While away at retreat I created some bulk backgrounds using the Colour Blast products. I like to do this so I've got some backgrounds ready to go to create with when inspiration strikes. For this layout I've used the top back ground. Here is how I created it. 

First off, gather all your tools. I've used a Flutterby stencil for this background because they are nice and thick and give you a chunky finish of Colour Paste. Stick your stencil to your cardstock with masking tape, this will help to ensure a nice even finish, and your stencil wont slide around everywhere. 

Using you pallet knife, smear some random spots with your colour paste. I've used Royalty Colour Paste first. Don't stress if its not completely even, we are wanting a marbled finish, so random is good. 

Next, lay down a layer of Lipstick  Colour Paste, again making your layer random, and smearing some parts back over the Royalty to begin the marbled effect. 

Lastly, using the Just Blue  Colour Paste fill in all the missing gaps, smearing some over the other colours. 

You can see once you lift your stencil that you get a cool looking marbled effect. 

In the middle of my two Colour Paste clusters I've thrown down some Colour Shimmer Dusts in Velvet, Passion, Peacock and Cobalt directly to my page and sprayed with water, allowing them to mix and meld together.  

You can see under the title a strip of cotton ribbon that I have sprayed with the Colour Sprays in Bubblegum, Violet and Caribbean. I just spray directly onto the ribbon and give a ample drying time. 

I hope you have enjoyed my layout this week. 
Get into your crafty space and get creating!
Cant wait to see what you have come up with. 
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