Monday 27 March 2017

Captured My Girls by Amy Prior

Hi there Colour Blast fans! Amy Prior back with you all again today, this time sharing a couple of recent mixed media scrapbook pages that I have created using lots of gorgeous Colour Blast products!

This first layout that I have created is titled "My Fav" and features a gorgeous photo of my baby girl Mia who is just about to turn 10. This photo still remains one of my all time faves of Mia!

To create the background like I have here, simply scrape some Heavy Black Gesso through your favourite stencil over a piece of black good quality smooth cardstock. I use Bazzil Cardshoppe cardstock in the colour Licorice Twist for black and Marshmallow for white.

When the Black Heavy Gesso is dry completely, spray some Colour Shimmer Sprays over the top in colours Sunshine, Rose Petal and Envy. Just spray one colour at a time, starting with the yellow, then rose petal, then envy. When spraying, spray really close to the paper to get a nice intense spot of colour and to avoid mixing with the colours next to each other.

The next layout that I have to share with you all is titled "My Girls" and features a cute photo of my girls dressed up in their Monster High costumes ready for Miss Chloe's 5th birthday party back in 2014.

To create the background for this page, I have started with a white piece of smooth mixed media cardstock. Again, I have used Bazzil Cardshoppe cardstock for this page as it handles lots of paint and wet medium perfectly!

To start the background, use a credit card and scrape some Colour Paste in colours Sunshine, Envy and Rose Petal randomly all over the background. Don't worry about covering all the white as a little white showing through is fine.

Once the scraped Colour Paste is completely dry, add some Colour Paste in colours Lipstick, Singin' the Blues, Just Blue, Apple of my Eye, Lovely Lilac and Royalty scraped through a stencil and over the top of the coloured cardstock. 

The best tip for this background is to ensure that the scraped Colour Paste from the first layer is nice and smooth without lumps. It is extremely difficult to stencil over the top of a lumpy background.

Well that is it from me today, thanks so much for stopping by and until next time, happy scrapping!

Amy Prior xx

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