Thursday 2 March 2017

"Family time" by Amanda H

Hello and welcome to Colour Blast for March!

There always seems to be exciting things happening here at Colour Blast! And if it isn't special promotions or new products, it is the team trying new techniques.

This page has been a work in progress for a while for me. My good buddy and fellow DT member Melissa and I tried the "rock salt" technique with some Colour Shimmer Dusts. To be honest, it took me a month to figure out how to use the paper it created!

In the end the page I created had some great elements with Colour Blast and I am happy to share the page and how I achieved it in today's blog post.

Firstly, the "rock salt" technique.
Basically, I  added water to the page and sprinkled on Colour Shimmer Dusts (I used Peacock, Cobalt, Sunflower and Lush). While it is still wet, add rock salt over all of the page. Then you need to leave it to dry naturally, overnight. Clearly this is a long range project, so give yourself time! The idea is that the rock salt will absorb some of the colour and create an interesting effect.

Once completely dry, shake and dust the salt off and I got this. Yup... It was interesting! I do love the mottled tones it created in the colour, but it took me a while to figure out how to use this beautiful piece of paper!

In the end I decided to use some flower and leaf stamps and stamp on the page....

And then spend an hour or so fussy cutting the leaves and flowers. The variations in colour in each flower looks really awesome!

As I am assembling my final page, I decided to add some subtle colour to the white cardstock background I have chosen. I add some Colour Paste in Snow White to the background through a stencil.

While the Snow White paste is still wet, I sprinkle some beads and sequins into the paste.

Here is the final page... you can see how I layered and added the flowers and leaves around the paper circle I cut. In the close ups you will also see and few finishing touches I made as the page came together.

Layered on the stamped flowers, I also included some simple beads, flower stamens and wood veneer. I also had some heart and flower wood veneer which I add painted white using the White Heavy Gesso  before embossing them shiny and white with Colour Embossing Powder in Snow White. Oh so shiny!

Sometimes projects take time. Sometimes we need to try new things. And sometimes, just sometimes, it all works out and you end up with a beautiful page to share.

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