Tuesday 21 March 2017

Galaxy Art Journal by Krisy Podolak

Hi Colour Blast Lovelies,

Krisy back again today and today I am sharing with you a page out of one of my current Art Journals.  This year one of my New Years Resolutions is to pull out and share my art journal works a little more.  This page started off as a solid idea, failed in the middle but then I manged to save it all and it finished almost as I imagined.  (I just need more practice with my lettering).

So, for this page I decided I would give Galaxy painting a go.  It is very popular in one of the Art Journal communities I belong to so I thought why not.  I watched a 20 second instagram video on how to and thought,  "I got this".  So here goes.

I started with my old book art journal.  I then applied a layer of Colour Blast Heavy White Gesso to the page.  I did this to create a base with a bit of tooth and to cover up the words of the book.  

Then I pulled out my Colour Shimmer Dusts in Lollipop, Passion, Velvet, Navy and Midnight and began applying them in a very wet state using a large round brush.  I started in the middle with the Lollipop then around that I added the Velvet and Passion then the Navy around that and finally the midnight around the very edge of the page. 

Then I tipped the pages up to allow the colour to mix and run into each other.  At this stage everything looked awesome and exactly how I wanted it to.  I walked away and left it to dry naturally.

This is what I came back too:

ARGH! The Heavy White Gesso had so much tooth that it sucked up all my colour.  It did leave a nice layer of shimmer but I needed the colour too.  So I added 3 more layers in the same fashion leaving them to dry naturally but it just kept happening.  So.... I decided to pull out my Colour Sprays and see if they would take.

I used Bubblegum, Carribean, Violet, Grape and Road Base.  I just sprayed them directly to the page.  I didn't worry if the colours mixed or overlapped.  I just held the bottle quite close to the page to prevent it from spraying large circles of colour.  Then I tipped up the pages to allow them to mix a bit and hit it with my heat gun.  

The dry result was just want I wanted so next, I pulled out some white drawing ink and a fan brush and splattered some "stars" all over the page.

Once they were dry I drew in some constellations and larger stars.  I then added in some hand lettering which is very ordinary.  It didn't stand out either so I used some Heavy White Gesso and a fine paint brush to create a base that I then went back in with some black markers to highlight it.  

And BAM!  I saved it.  I am really happy with the final result and the Colour Shimmer Dust added a nice shimmer to the page even if it didn't photograph well.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look today.

Krisy xx

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