Monday 20 February 2017

Total Cuteness by Tracey Campbell

Greetings and Salutations Colour Blasters I am back again with another layout that I really enjoyed making. It is a real soft feminine page that was a little fiddly at times but I really like how it turned out, best of all it is pretty simple to create.

Trim 1 inch from the top and bottom of a 12x12 piece of cardstock and place a stencil over it. I created a flower stencil with my Cameo but any decorative stencil will do, apply a layer of  Heavy White Gesso over the top of the stencil. I used an old bank card as the flat edge gives an even coat of Gesso.

Apply the Heavy White Gesso all over the 11x11 cardstock. Use a corner of the bank card to make some random scratch marks in the wet Gesso.

Gently lift the stencil up from the Heavy White Gesso and leave to dry.

Spray the areas where the stencil was with Bubblegum Colour Spray.

 Blot the excess Colour Spray off with a baby wipe, keep wiping until the gesso on the detail of the stencil become white again, now let dry.

Spray the rest of the 11x11 background randomly with Envy Colour Shimmer Spray and let dry.

Tear a rip into the 11x11 cardstock and roll the cardboard up (I tore the top right hand corner). Spray with Bubblegum Colour Spray, this will dampen the cardstock and set it in the rolled position when dry.

 Roll the top left hand corner of the 11x11 cardstock up and spray with both the Bubblegum Colour Spray and the Envy Colour Shimmer Spray.

Using a patterned stencil with a small repetitive design on it spread some Envy Colour Paste through it. I concentrated mainly on the middle of the 11x11 cardstock and the top right and bottom left corners. By placing small amounts in the corners it helps to draw the eye across the page and creates movement.

 Below is how my background on the 11x11 cardstock looked before anchoring it to a 12x12 sheet of patterned paper.

 Here you can see that I have anchored (adhered it) to a 12x12 piece of patterned paper and I am brushing on some Watermelon Colour Mica Powder for some extra glitz and glamour. If you are worried about the Colour Mica Powder wearing or rubbing off over time you can set it with a fine mist of hair spray.

I hand cut a few arrow shape pieces of patterned paper and a large banner shape to mat my photos and create some embellishments. As you can see I distressed the edges of the patterned paper. I used a distressing tool however it is easy enough to distress the edges with the blade of a pair of scissors.

Adhere the photo and the embellishments to the background. I tucked some shredded calico behind the photo for some texture.

Tuck some calico and an embellishment behind the top left hand rolled corner.

In places where I wanted a little bit of texture but not as much as the calico I added some loose sewing cotton under the embellishments. By adding flowers and bows it gives the layout an extra softness for that feminine look.

Lastly add a title.

 Another view of the completed layout so that you don't have to scroll back to the top.

Thanks for stopping in and I really hope that you enjoyed my creation for today. All these wonderful Colour Blast Products are available from the store and if you have any questions about them please feel free to ask.
Hugs Tracey

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