Sunday 12 February 2017

Wonderful Moments Together Layout by Farrel Tailor

Happy Sunday to all you Colour Blast Fans!!!
Farrel here to share with you a layout I created for one of my classes of my gorgeous mum and I before my brother's wedding.

So to start off with I decided to cover the background of my patterned paper with Black Heavy Gesso. Why you ask? I love this paper but was finding that there was too much happening in the background. So I spread the gesso all over and while it was semi dry, I used a baby wipe to remove the gesso from the rose gold sections. I was able to do this as those sections of the paper aren't porous so it took a little bit longer for the gesso to dry on it. 

So once that was completely dried, I then sprayed Lipstick Colour Shimmer Spray up close to the paper and moved the paper around to let it run. 

While that was drying, I then used Leather  Colour Embossing Powder on my die cut leaves.

Next I coloured my already pink flowers using Rose Petal and Lipstick Colour Shimmer Sprays. I know you are probably thinking "why bother when they are already pink?" I did this as I felt the flowers were a little flat. I wanted to add different shades to the flowers.

I then added Singin The Blues Colour Shimmer Spray to both the pink and the white flowers. This colour was perfect as it matched my dress in the picture.

I then decided to use White Heavy Gesso and wipe lightly onto the flower petal to go with the shabby chic kind of feel.

Once I had assembled the layout, I then embossed my die cut title using Singin The Blues Colour Embossing Powder and then added a small amount of Leather Colour Shimmer Spray which matched the layout perfectly.

Then the only thing left to do was to add some splattering which I did using Snow White, Leather and Lipstick Colour Shimmer Spray.

Thank you for dropping by - Happy scrapping everyone xx

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