Tuesday 21 February 2017

Hello 5AM by Krisy Podolak

Hi Colour Blast Lovelies,

Krisy back today to share a layout that is all about progress and creating a habit.  As part of my exercise regime I had to make a decision.  Who was I doing this for and how bad did I want it?  The answer was for ME and Real Bad.  So, I had to make time to exercise.  I joined a crossfit box and my obsession began.  BUT! (There's always a BUT!) I had to make time.  Being a mum of three under three I couldn't go during the day and my husband coaches sport most afternoons and into some evenings so the only option I had was to get up at 4.30AM and be at the 5AM class.  It started off as a struggle especially going into winter but it eventually got easier.  And once the results started happening it was no longer a chore.  Right up until this morning I get up at 4.30AM for that 5AM class it is now a habit and this layout is a reminder.

Here is my layout:
This layout was made using Stayzon Ink and stamps and then a whole lot of splatter was added using Colour Blast Colour Spray in Bubblegum and Roadbase.  These are my most used colours.  I also used these to colour a Watercolour Paper number (5) and other embellishments.  This way everything is colour co-ordinated and works together.  To make the splatters very random I just unscrewed the top and used the stem to flick colour onto the page.  I also used a bit of water on a paint brush to help spread it just a bit.

Here are a few Close ups:

I hope I have inspired you to pull out your Colour Sprays and get a bit messy.

Krisy xx

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