Friday 17 February 2017

"Travel" by Melissa Struhs

Hello again everyone! For those that have been with the launch of the Colour Blast Design Team for over a year, it comes as no surprise to you that I am in love with the Colour Embossing Powders. I mean, what's not to love...the colours are glorious, the finish is divine. So I figured today's blog post is a great time to look at a texturizing technique using acrylic stamps and chipboard.

The chipboard pieces need to be a larger style with some open space. I have used a thick style font and assorted chunky leaf shapes. Fine scrolls and flourishes just don't have enough bulk to really showcase the texture that can be added.

Who else has an obsession with background acrylic stamps like me? The stamp below is a crackle stamp and this is what I have used on the leaves.

A green ink has been heavily applied to the chipboard shape

and sprinkled with Apple of my Eye Colour Embossing Powder.

Here are the 3 individual leaf shapes at various stages to show the thick quality of the embossing powder if you reapply it several times. From left to right..1 coat (left), 2 coats (middle) and 3 coats (right). The difference is stunning, the colours become more glossy and lustrous. You will need to have 3 coats applied to your chosen piece. As each layer is heat set, add another layer while it is hot and continue to reheat. The Colour Embossing Powder loves to be remelted.

After applying the third coat and heat setting, I wait approximately 5 seconds and then lightly press my acrylic stamp onto the chipboard. Wait a further 5 seconds and then turn your stamp over and remove the chipboard piece gently.

And then you have a fabulously intricate and unique pattern on your embellishments.
Your acrylic stamps are undamaged and any melted embossing powder will simply peel away.

Another quick idea for creating a marbelled galaxy finish using a floral chipboard piece, a script stamp and two colours of embossing powder.

Here is the chipboard piece already with 3 coats of Singin' the Blues Colour Embossing Powder already heat set. While it was still hot Just Blue was added by sprinkling it with your fingertips.

As you heat set this layer, swirl the colours together with a toothpick until you have the desired effect. Want a little more? Just repeat the process until you are happy.

After the final heating, my script stamp was used to add the texture again.

Again, a very different look can be achieved. It might be time to test all of your stamps and find what works best.

One final tip, if you really dislike how the texture looks....simply reheat and the Colour Embossing Powder remelts back into it's previous glossy finish. This gives you a clean slate to start with as many times as you need to practice and master the technique.

My pieces were layered together to create a layered tag that I will use on an upcoming layout

Hope you all have a fabulously creative weekend and get a chance to try this idea for yourself. I am off to enjoy time with my best scrap pals and look forward to getting our Colour Blast on!
Mel xoxo


  1. Fabulous effect with these very beautiful powders. Thanks Mel

  2. Thanks for sharing such a cool technique!

    1. Such an easy tecnhnique too, costs nothing to replicate.