Saturday 10 December 2016

Yet to gain a title by Ree Peace

Hi Everyone, Ree here!

Wow this month is flying...I am not even going to mention what is just around the corner...nor am I creating with that in mind!!

This post is quite grungy and I had heaps of fun moving away from the straight and neat that I seem to be creating lately. I have had no success with getting messy, when my intentions are to do so!!

This layout was full scrunch, smash, spray, scuff and scold!

My friends decided it would be fun to gather together and try Paintball...on each other. Sorry but shooting mates is not my cup of tea, it is plain madness to me though I had fun 'shooting' them in their camo gear after all the action.

So it seemed fitting to give the illusion of camo in the background of this LO =)

I started by building up my sprays, Rainforest, Road Base and Coffee seemed fitting!

Some stamping with scrunching and scuffing to follow (sorry I missed capturing this part!)

Throw in some embossing with Leather, what a great shine this has!

Please excuse my explicit language, I was going to leave that off until after but forgot....

Thanks for stopping by!
Stay safe, Ree x

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