Saturday 31 December 2016

beYOUtiful by Danielle Vertigan

I've been offline with some technical issues but I'm so glad to be back!!!
Its been a massive few days getting everything up and running....
But Its done,
I'm here...
And I'm ready with a layout featuring all things green.
(My favourite Colour!!)

I started with my usual step of adhering my cardstock to a sheet of chipboard.
I do this using a high tac double sided tape, running along the 4 edges and also 4 strips through the middle from top to bottom.

Using the Envy Colour Paste I first mixed it with a little water to thin it before applying it to my cardstock with a spatula creating this rough plus sign.
It doesn't need to be smooth or even.

I selected two different stencils and first applied Dusty Charcoal Colour Paste through the small circles. Once dry this was followed by Steel Colour Paste with the cobblestone stencil.
Whilst the Steel was still wet I sprinkled with the Dusty Charcoal Colour Embossing Powder.

I removed the excess and dried with the heat gun.
This sets off the Embossing Powder and creates another texture in the Colour Paste as it bubbles from the heat.

A black gel pen adds another texture.
You can do this freehand or with a stencil.
Keep in mind you can use anything around you!
To create my circles I've used the inside of my tape rolls (I had 2 different sizes)
the outside edge of a glue pen and then finished by free handing the small circles and the border edge.

I love Colour Shimmer Dust and needed to create a little mix!
I needed the Lush to be softened and the Peacock a touch more green.
So a little mix in a pot and Whalla!! I added some water and I'm ready to go!

As seen in the above pics this was added to the layout in the left of my cross and the right.
I applied this with a Paint Brush using a splatting motion.
I wanted the random flicks.
This will get messy and you will most definitely want to get this into a splatter cubby or spritzing box to help keep your workspace clean.
I also wanted drips so I added more product with the brush creating pools on my page then titled it to encourage drips in the desired direction.

Just using the excess in my brush I traced the circles.
I also added some into the cross in different areas to help blend the colour.
Once dried I used a white gel pen to trace the circles free hand and soften the edges.

Along my straight edges of the green plus I drew lines with what I call heart blips in them.
These where done in different lengths in clusters with each other.
I repeated the same process with the white gel pen the same as I did with the circles.

I cut down a 5x7 photo to the size that suited my layout

I chose to keep my chipboard and wood raw
and also included a sprinkle of sequins.

You can see in the above and below pics how the white pen impacts the page.

This is a great shot of the texture added with the Colour Embossing Powder.

Thanks for stopping by....
I hope you enjoyed my little journey as this all came together.
It was a lot of fun to create.
The colour is so rich and the shimmer as always is divine!

Till next time.....

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