Wednesday 14 December 2016

Quicky Christmas by Michelle Logan

Merry Christmas Colour Blastians!
Michelle here, back with a quick and easy way to create your own Christmas Tags to brighten up the gifts under the 2 are alike!
Here is my colour scheme for this festive season, Aqua/teal, cobalt blue, mint and silver!
I always need a quick and simple way to make my gift tags as I am always a little time poor this time of year!

So this is what I came up with, I played around with a number of Colour Blast products to create them, so whatever you have already in your stash will be a success!

First, use Colour Blast Embossing powder (I used the colours Bling and Steel) to stamp an image on the tag, the heated embossing will resist the colour you are going to add to the tag.


If you do not have embossing powder just stamp your image with a waterproof ink ie: Archival or Stazon, it will work just as well.

Using your product of choice apply as you would a water colour paint. Use water to move the colour around till you like the look.
For these tags below I used a combination of Colour Shimmer Sprays (Envy & Bling) and Colour Sprays (Rainforest & Lagoon) on a wet tag. I sprinkled the Bling Colour Shimmer Spray last to give the tag a little contrasting shine.  


The next tags I used a combination of Olive Grove Colour Mica Powder and Paris & Peacock Colour Shimmer Dust added to the tag on top of the embossed image.
I put a little powder onto my palette then added water to create a water colour paint, then splashed it around the dry tag till i was happy with the result. Then I splashed the Bling Colour Shimmer Spray. 


Then I tried the Colour Sprays on an embossed image, I used the colour straight from the bottle, I love the vibrant colours!
The colours I used here are, Lagoon, Rainforest and Carribean. 


So there you have it, how super easy is that??
Simple, easy, effective and quick, what more could you ask for this time of year?

Here is what they look like on the only Christmas pressies I have so far!!!! 
Told you I was time poor! LOL!

And that is me till the next post, towards the end of the month, thanks for dropping by!

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