Saturday 3 December 2016

Enjoy the Journey by Danielle Vertigan

Mediums have taken over in my Scrapbooking.....
How about yours?
I work a lot with minimal embellishments and just add paper kits.
This finishes off my pages nicely letting my mediums set the scene on my page.
But like many of you I have an abundance of patterned papers.
They are clogging up my cupboards with most purchased many years ago.
So how do you blend the old with the new??
I chose to work with Steel Colour Paste.
The intensity as it dries is just what I was after to get the depth of colour.
Colour Shimmer Spray in Rose Petal also married nicely.
Starting with white cardstock I inset a smaller square with my patterned paper.
Using a stencil the Paste was applied working in from the edges creating a border.
I started first working from the corner.
and made my way around the page.
This particular stencil was actually a tree but the way its been used is more like a vine.
Stencils can be adapted if we flip them and think of other ways to use them.

Once the Paste was dry I set to work with the Colour Shimmer Spray.
Concentrating on the areas where Paste has been applied I spritzed the edges again turning
my page so I was working from the outer edge in.
As you can see its not the most fashionable paper but just wait....

Using a gel pen and freehand I created a double lined border around my inner sheet.
This was finished with a few crosses and a bow.
My bow has ended up upside down.
Don't forget to keep an eye on which way is up and not confuse that part like I did.

The frame pictured above was a die cut from a just add paper kit.
I roughly applied the Colour Paste using simply my finger and set aside to dry.
The next step was to heavily spritz the frame using the Rose Petal Colour Shimmer Spray.
This I dried with the heat gun. You can see from the image there has been some bubbling of the paste.
This is from heating the dried Paste.
It has added another element of texture to the page.
The result is quite unique and a favourite of mine.

I continued to layer my pieces and I think the old has been brought into the new.
A little black ink around the edges making it slightly heavier where my vines enter
finishes this layout off nicely.

So when you get into your next project this weekend don't look paste those old papers.
Get them out and bring them into the new.....
Colour Blast can take you anywhere....

Happy Scrapping

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