Saturday 1 October 2016

He's found football by Ree Peace

Hi all!!

I have been juggling many balls and nearly let this one drop =/

Creating isn't the problem it's remembering to record the process and then share it here but its holiday time so I have plans to get in front =)

Anyways this year my baby man found a passion for soccer and I became a soccer mum.
Who knew I would love it!

So here's to the important stuff...documenting this new passion!

I was drawn to a recent monochromatic challenge as I panned this layout.

As I wanted differing shades of blue I began by mixing some Colour Shimmer Dust in Navy into some plain Gesso, this was then smeared on to my cardstock (sorry no pic for reference...this is where I remembered what I was able to do when creating)

Once the Gesso mix was dry I decided to emboss straight onto my background using Steel Colour Embossing Powder...

I have been so very keen to use black cardstock for the background...

Check out that shine!!!

Using a stencil I smooshed on some Just Blue  Colour Paste, and while drying I got a bit game...

I decided to combine some embossing and texture paste to a chipboard piece.
To do this I prepped the piece with Versamark and embossed the parts I wanted in Stormy Weather Colour Embossing Powder. I used a glad baggy with its end cut to help direct the powder where I wanted it to go.
 Once I had 'cooked' this on I painted on my colour paste, this required two coats.

Then it was all about the pic and the embellies =)

Oh I should forget to mention that I used some tissue grunged up with some diluted Colour Shimmer Dust in Navy...I did this by simply scrunching the tissue up and painting randomly over the creases before flattening out and gluing down.
I am looking forward to some new supplies that I have purchased...have you checked out the SALE?!?! You have just two days left!


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  2. That was a good idea for creative. I really like it, Thank you for your sharing