Tuesday 4 October 2016

Cards by Krisy Podolak

This is my last share backlogged from this years Expo.  Thank you cards.  I had so many sponsors that were nice enough to provide vouchers and gift packs for those that attended my classes so I just had to send out a few thank you cards.  I did a stint of the Tutor display at the Expo and used this as an opportuinty to create some card bases that I came back and "prettied" up.  

Here they are with a quick run down of how to create them:

This card base was created using  Bling Colour Shimmer Spray on black cardstock. I had prepared and embossed it with clear embossing powder and a stencil.  To colour the Thank you chipboard I twice embossed it in Bling Colour Embossing Powder to make it nice and glossy.

This background is a wash of the NEW Colour Shimmer Dusts in Sunflower and Lush over  the same clear embossed stencilled image as the one above.  I embossed the chipboard and thank you in Bling Colour Embossing Powder and added some thread and punchinella for more visual interest.

This background is a mix of Colour Shimmer Dust used as a wash with some Puffing applied over the top.  Not sure what Puffing is?!? You will have to go back to my August Posts to read all about it.
The chipboard is embossed with Deep Water and Lipstick.

This one is the Colour Shimmer Dust in Sunflower and Candy mixed together to make an orange.  The bird is painted with both colours that blending nicely to make an orange.  The Chipboard is embossed with Bling Colour Embossing Powder.

This purple background is the Colour Spray in Violet with a bit of Bling Colour Shimmer Spray splattered over it.  The squares are clear embossed before any colour is added.  The Thank you Chipboard is embossed in Bling Colour Embossing Powder and the honey comb chipboard behind it is embossed in Apple of my Eye Colour Embossing Powder.

This background was clear embossed before any colour was added. I then added a wash of Candy and Midnight Colour Shimmer Dust over the top.  The chip board is embossed with Lipstick Colour Embossing Powder.

This background is a wash of CANDY and LUSH Colour Shimmer Dust over a background of clear embossed dots.  I then stamped one of my very own hand carved stamps over the top in Stayzon Ink.  To colour the Thank you chipboard I embossed the Thank in Apple of my Eye and then the You in Lipstick Colour Embossing Powders to contrast against the background. I then added some tiny words all over the background using one of my roller stamps.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time,

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