Saturday 29 October 2016

Live a Life Full of Laughter by Ree Peace

Hi all! Straight up I owe you all an apology...I have had a camera glitch this past week or so and have lost my original pics for this post. I will aim to do my best with a written instruct for this piece, but will also attempt to do a follow up 'LIVE' facebook post =)

This is a canvas I have created for my daughter.
It is built up with a generous layer of gesso that I painted on. I laid a diecut piece on the gesso to create texture. Before the gesso dried I sprinkled many Colour Shimmer Dusts down the first third line (rule of thirds). With a dry brush I spread the shimmer dust in a gentle strokes across the canvas, moving from the third line to the right and then the third line to the left.

 There are often sneaky sprinkles as the shimmer dust is so fine, these make for a great balance on the canvas. 

With a mix of fonts and a large rub on I laid the phrase down.

Simple embellishments of washi, vellum, foam diecuts, sequins and a flair were enough for this piece.

Again sorry for the lack of visual instructions! Try to pop along to our Creative Corner to find live videos of me working of different projects including colouring a chipboard peacock feather with some Colour Mica Powders.

Enjoy getting messy and colourful,
Ree x

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