Wednesday 26 October 2016

Just add ...Shimmer!

Hi there, here's a fun way to get creative and refine your drawing skills.  Don't tell me you can't draw,... It just takes practice.  
Sketch (or trace) a face onto your page....

Sprinkle Colour Shimmer Dusts onto your page and mist with water to activate.

I decided to make my chick a fiery redhead with the use of Candy Colour Shimmer Dust!  Just Blue Colour Paste was applied through stencils and dried with a heat gun (hold it close to make it bubble and create more texture)

Stamp into some Snow White Colour Paste smeared thinly onto your non-stick mat, and stamp onto your page.  Add a few white splatters of gesso flicked onto your creation.  

Happy scrapping. 

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