Monday 17 October 2016

A splash of yellow - Card tutorial by Anguree

Hello dear friends

I'm back from my holiday in Bali and happy to be sharing another quick tutorial with you.

The  Colour Shimmer Dusts are definitely my favorite products at the moment and today we will be using the colour Sunflower.

Cut 2 pieces of white watercolor card stock and lay them down on your Kraft sheet.

Spray a  plastic wrapper with water and use a dry paintbrush to add a tiny bit of Sunflower Colour Shimmer Dust to the water you sprayed onto the wrapper.

Stamp the colour drops onto your cardstock by picking up the plastic and turing wet side onto the cardstock. You will see you can move the colour with your fingers by moving them over the dry side of the plastic. Remove the plastic and let it dry or use a heat tool.

Choose your selection of embellishments and arrange on the cards. I used a silluette image and chipboard from ScrapFX plus a couple of flowers and metal leaves I purchased whilst on holiday.

I wanted to make the yellow a little bit more prominent so I repeated the process of mixing the Sunflower Colour Shimmer Dust with water and used a paintbrush to colour my paper flowers.

Once they were dry I simply attached everything with clear glue.

I hope you enjoyed this post with us today and hope to see you visiting us again. Please share your ideas and projects with us in Colour Blast Creative Corner on Facebook We are always happy to see how you use the products and inspiration so don't be shy.

Till next time have fun creating xxx