Tuesday 11 October 2016

Life is Art by Tracey Campbell

Hello everyone, it is me Tracey Campbell back with a bright and bold layout using lots of bright, beautiful Colour Sprays and Colour Shimmer Sprays ... actually all the colours of the rainbow!
I have posted a process video above that gives you all the details in full and how I created the layout.  Below I will also pop up a few photos for those who don't have time to watch.

Life is Art 

Ever come across those photos that are full of bright primary colours, usually kids play ground photos, at theme parks or birthday parties.... and such?  The ones that are so difficult to match to paper without the layout becoming over the top?
Well these photos of my daughters were such photos, they had sat in my stash for about 7 years. This weekend I decided to have a play with the Colour Blast Colour Sprays and Colour Shimmer Sprays to see if I could come up with a creative way to finally use them.

The first thing I did in this layout was to create a rainbow splatter effect background. I used a mix of seven different Colour Shimmer Sprays and Colour Sprays. The colours used were; Love (red), Sunset (orange), Saffron (yellow), Rainforest (green), Sapphire (blue), Violet (indigo) and Lovely Lilac - the exact shades need for all the colours in the rainbow.

Put a drop of Colour Blast Spray or Colour Blast Shimmer Spray onto your background cardstock, gently blow through a stray guiding the liquid spray in the direction you want it to go.

Once you have it spread out a bit blow in short shape puffs through the straw and allow it to burst and run in all different directions.

The harder you blow the more burst you will get.

Keep repeating until you have used all the colours of the rainbow. I encouraged my burst to go towards the edges of the cardstock as I knew that I wanted the photos to be in the centre. If you work all in one go without letting the colours dry they will blend together to create a new colour. 

Once the rainbow is dry use some black waterproof ink and stamp on blotches and dots randomly over the dried sprays. 

Spray seven heart diecuts the same Colour Shimmer Sprays and Colour Sprays that you used in the splatter rainbow.  Once dry back the heart diecuts with the same coloured pattern paper (this is a great way to use up your scraps) and then pop an enamel dot in the centre of the heart.

Use the same Colour Shimmer Sprays and Colour Sprays to colour up some white paper flowers. Once the flowers are dry adhere them to the diecut hearts, add a small doley for a soft feminine touch.

Adhere the photos down in the middle of the rainbow splatter, place the heart diecut/flower embellishment clusters around and under the photos. Making sure that the same coloured heart cluster gets placed over the same coloured splatter. Add a patterned paper boarder strip around the whole layout and finish off with a title.

Hope that you all love how bright and cheery this layout is, I would love to see you try this colour splatter effect.

Now for something else;  I would like to share a second layout I did this weekend using the wonderful Colour Blast Products, this was a page that I created for the White With 1 blog challenge, which Colour Blast was a sponsor for the month of September. Now don't go and look for my layout on the White With 1 blog as I forgot to upload it in time. 

  My Happy Place

For this layout I used the Colour Shimmer Dust - Sunflower, on the background by sprinkling the tiniest amount on and activating it with water, then manipulate the page so that the excess liquid dribbles down the page. Once dry I used a small dot stencil and spread a thin layer of the Colour Paste - Sunshine, through it. Once dry I layered up with pattern paper and embellishment clusters and finished off with a splattering of Colour Spray - Saffron, over the page. If you haven't guess by now the White With 1 challenge was to use "Yellow" and the Colour Blast products really do give you such versatility to go wind with just one colour tone.
I apologies that I did not take photos to give you step by step instructions on how I made this layout, but I did film it if you are interested is seeing more? I now also apologise as I can not upload two videos on to this one blog post..... computer Gremlins are really playing up for me lately. 
Anywhooo  here is the link to the process video, please enjoy.


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