Saturday 18 June 2016

Hello Sunshine by Danielle Vertigan

I was inspired by the idea of using different
implements in my application of the Colour Paste.
Choosing a selection of colours I began using the following techniques in layers
Smears with a palette knife
Once dried I layered my circles again using finger painting.
Next I found an old card and dipped the edges pressing them onto the page.
Using this technique I created crossed lines and went with wait was visually pleasing whilst maintaining balance.
With the lid from my spritzer I again used the same idea as the card creating layered circles.

The final circle dots where scattered on using the end of a pen.
My wood was stamped with midnight black and using the Stormy Weather embossing powder set with my heat tool.

Using freehand with a skewer I created highlights using the Snow White Paste

The results is quite striking when mixed with the black and white photo.
Its your turn to look around the house and see what you can use as an applicator?

Enjoy the Fun......

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