Sunday 3 April 2016

Water Lillies Layout by Elisa Ablett

Hi everyone,

Elisa here again with my newest creation for the Colour Blast Blog.

I am sharing a layout called 'Water Lillies' I created using Royalty and Sunshine Colour Blast Paste and Apple of my Eye, Sunshine and Royalty Shimmer Sprays all of which can be found on the Colour Blast Australia website. Click on the links and see the amazing colours available.

I was going through my photo's the other day and came across this photo of a couple of gorgeous water lilies that I took near my Mum's property and thought it's perfect for showcasing the Royalty and Sunshine Colour Pastes and Sprays.

Here is a close up of the gorgeous shimmer and shine of the pastes and sprays and of the details of the Oriental inspired screens, rub-ons and stamping.

Now lets go through some of the techniques that I used to create my layout.

Firstly, I gathered together the Colour Blast Pastes and Sprays I needed to go with my photo along with my stencil and laid out a rough plan for my layout.

Here I used the very tip of the palette knife to control the placement of the different coloured Pastes on my Stencil. After each flower was completed I washed and dried the stencil and moved it around my page as required.

While I waited for the background to dry I decided to work on my Oriental inspired frames. I found some gorgeous tissue paper that went beautifully with my colour scheme. As you can see from the photo, I turned the Chipboard frames upside down and glued them to the tissue paper. Once dried I cut around the frames, I liked the look of a couple of the screens left with the tissue paper stretched over the top of the frame and had the great idea to create my own Asian inspired paper screens. To get a smooth edge I used a bit of glue on my finger and smoothed it over all the edges.

Next step !! gather together all your old rub-ons and grab your desired stamps, using Black Versafine ink stamp in a mirror image on both screens, you can achieve this by stamping the image on the left screen on top of the tissue paper. Then grab the right screen - turn it over- then stamp the image on the underside of the right screen, so when you turn it over it becomes the mirror image of the left screen. You can only do this with certain paper types like tissue paper.

Here is the left screen.

and here I am stamping the underside of the right screen.

The next step is to Spray over the top of your Stencilled and dried lillies, I sprayed then used a spray bottle filled with water to disperse the colour around my page, tilting the page left and right at times to spread the colour.

Once dry I decided to do a little more background stamping with my chosen stamps, I also decided to take a bit of the intensity of the ink off the stamp by stamping on my mat first then stamping on my page, works a treat!

Let the ink dry completely before this next step, 'roughly' add your desired rub-ons to your page - you do not have to be concerned if its not particularly neat, I wanted mine to look weathered and worn. It is adding extra texture and depth to your page.

Time to put your layout together!  Firstly stick your frames down on your page, arranging them in a central position. Also I decided to put one of the frames on a tilt in the middle to add a little interest drawing the eye to the photo in the middle. I framed the photo in a chipboard frame, covered in black ink just to further showcase the photo as the background is quite bright and busy.

Here is the finished layout! there is plenty of shimmer and shine from the Colour Blast Products and I think a new purpose for all those rub-ons I have in my stash.

Well that's it from me today, I hope you have enjoyed the techniques I have used to create my layout, make sure you leave some love....

By Elisa Ablett

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