Friday 1 April 2016

Industrial Selfie by Melissa Struhs

Happy Friday Everyone. There is very little doubt that we have all fallen in love with the Colour Blast products, I have played with all of the colours but until this layout, hadn't actually committed "Envy" to any particular project. I had been waiting for something really special and to me, that is always an ultra sized enlargement. In this particular case, this photo is slightly smaller than a 12 x 12.

I matted and distressed the sanded photo with a small edge of white cardstock and then decided that I really didn't love a lavender section in the graffiti style wall so trimmed it all away. (Sorry no pic!)What to do next....? I figure at least a black plain distressed pattern would help ground the photo and was very happy with the overall look.

Using a 12 x 12 script stencil, I overlapped it over the top of the image. My idea was to work all "Envy" paste with a palette knife around the outer edges of my son and onto some of the black pattern.

Fingers crossed at this point!!! I do love things to stay neat and tidy.

So at this stage, there were a couple of messy spots created from bleeding under the stencil. No mistakes....just opportunities to build layers and embellishment clusters over the top.

Next was a quick flick or spritz of "Steel" shimmer spray on the black pattern, it helped pick up the industrial look of the layout. And now I just cleared a safe place in my workspace to leave the Colour Blast paste to dry in it's own time.

The wood veneer "Selfie" title was inked with  a platinum/silver ink

and a double coat of the "Steel" embossing powder was applied.

The steampunk style chipboard piece was spritzed heavily with "Steel" shimmer spray and randomly sprinkled with the matching embossing powder and heat set.

The chipboard cogs had the same application but with a little "Envy" embossing powder thrown in to break up the bulky look.

Have you tried heating metal objects and dipping it in the embossing powder?

It is literally setting itself in this pic, though you can apply a little more heat if needed. No ink necessary!!! It is a great way to change the look of a simple embellishment.  

Once my stencilling was dried, all of the embellishments could be attached directly over the photo and spread into a triangular configuration for clusters.

Found this little metal light switch too, super cute look teamed with the chipboard light bulb. Why not dig through your stash of metal pieces this weekend and give it a go...

Happy Scrapping,


  1. Wow, wow and super wow. Awesome inspirational ideas in this sensational project

    1. Thank you - Melissa has done a great job show casing our products in this project.

  2. Wow, wow and super wow. Awesome inspirational ideas in this sensational project

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