Thursday 7 April 2016

Dare To Dream Big by Suzy Loudon

A big Hello to everyone once again. 
I'm back again to share another page I created. I find boy pages can often times be a challenge, but I really enjoyed creating this one of my son who is about to embark on adulthood.

I began with a plain white piece of cardstock. I tore strips/chunks (however it went) of white tissue paper. Gave them a scrunch in my hands before opening them up again.
I then pasted the tissue paper onto my cardstock using Mod Podge. I did this by using a paint brush spreading the paste onto the cardstock then brushing over the tissue paper (that I placed leaving the creases & scrunching the paper close together). I ended up brushing the Mod Podge over the entire cardstock so it looked consistent (and knowing I was going to use a lot of Shimmer Spray)

Once dry stuck down randomly cut plasterboard tape and then used texture paste through a stencil.
Its very hard to see the crosses (texture paste) being white on white...sorry

Once dry using my finger I gently rubbed Colour Paste -Singin' The Blues, Dusty Charcoal & Bling over the tops of the creases.

After a quick heat with my heat gun I began spraying, alternating between Singin' the Blues & Dusty Charcoal until I had the whole page coloured. The colours mixed a bit as I went. I dried it with my heat gun pushing the colours around as I went. 

I then turned my focus onto my metal cogs. I heated them with my heat gun, using my metal spatula I sprinkled a little embossing powder -in Singin' the Blues & Dusty Charcoal, then used my spatula to move it to the side to cool. Don't touch with your fingers or you will  burn (and allow for cooling or you'll get a burnt finger like me)

It was then time to put the page together and embellish.

The shimmer of the sprays is glorious. And the slight mixing of the two colours has made a amazing steel metallic look. Unfortunately so hard to capture in a photo.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have been inspired to create your own and have fun playing with these amazing Colour Blast products.
See you next time,

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