Friday 29 April 2016

"Enjoy" by Melissa Struhs

Hi Everyone! Ready for another creative weekend? I am hoping to find some time to play over the long weekend too. No doubt, there will be some Colour Blasting going on. In the meantime, here is a layout that I have recently created with the "Snow White" and "Bling" pastes and embossing powders.

On my background piece of white cardstock, I have used a damask stencil in a reverse "L"shape to create a intricate border along the edge.

It is only a few centimetres in from the edge, as I knew I wanted to add more layers later on.  I also added the same finish to a large cardstock mat as well.

The "Bling" has such a gorgeous brassy finish to it when it dries.

After I had incorporated a subtle chevron patterned paper and a kraft cardstock, I then used a dotted circled stencil to add some detail through the large vertical panel using the "Snow White" paste.

Here is a progress shot of the  "Snow White" paste dry (top) and wet (bottom).

I have been obsessed with using my metal embellishments with the embossing powders lately.

How simple is the heat and dip technique that I blogged about previously?

You can alternate colours and custom make some many beautiful pieces, totally unique for your project.

My title has been inked with white and then sprinkled with the "Snow White" embossing powder at the top...

heat set...and then repeat the process with "Bling" embossing powder on the lower half. Any residue that crosses over helps create an ombre effect when everything is heat set.

As you can see, I experimented with lots of metal embellishments while the embossing powders were open.

With a soft bristle brush, the "Bling" paste has been used sparingly around the edges of the white leaves,

on the seeded centres of blossoms

and around white cardstock matting.

Here's a couple of close up's so you can see how subtle

or bold the results can be.

Have any of these colours or techniques tempted you to visit the website to add to your stash? Visit the Colour Blast website or at any of your local stockist

Here's to a productive and happy weekend of Colour Blast Fun,

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