Thursday 14 January 2021

'Come in we are AWESOME' by Sandi Spink

 Hi everyone,

I'm really looking forward to the new year of creating ahead. I took the chance on my holidays to relax and enjoy some creative time. I'd like to share one of my projects with you. 

I always have some left overs from kits, so I thought I'd challenge myself and use them to create a page. This page was using the 'Grateful Heart' kit by amazing Michelle Grant.

I used: 12x12 page 'Love' and 'Blessed'(phrases)

Heavy White Gesso

Colour Blast Artist Ink 'Lime

Colour Blast Colour Paste 'Deep Water'

  • Using gel medium I glued some torn strips of old book pages onto the 'Love' 12x12 from the kit.

  • With a spatula I scraped Colour Blast 'Heavy white gesso' over the torn papers, wiping sections with a wet one to smooth out the gesso in some areas.

  • Using the spatula I applied Colour Blast 'Colour Paste Deep Water ' across the dried gesso using the wet one to blend the Colour Paste. 

  • Cutting out all the left over phrases from the kit page 'Blessed' I edged each with black ' Archival ink' before experimenting with a variety of placement and direction of text. I took a photo of where all of the phrases, old negatives and some photos were before individually gluing each into place. Some of them I added small pieces of cardboard to the back to help add height and dimension.  ( I later changed and added more photos to balance the page better)

  • Adding a small amount of the Colour Artist Ink 'Lime' onto the mat and into it dipped a small paint brush using it to splat colour onto the background. I covered photos and phrases with scrap paper to protect them from added colour.

  • I repeated the process with watered down white heavy gesso.

Here are few close ups to check out:


Thanks for joining me and I hope I inspired you to check out this amazing kit and others at . You can find more inspiration and links on BeeArty's facebook page 

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