Monday 20 August 2018

Set of 3 Canvas by Charmane Koch

Hello Everyone! It's Charmane here again - this time sharing with you a Set of Canvases I've had in my stash for quite a while!

For me with this canvases I decided I wanted to experiment a little bit with the Artist Inks & Colour Pastes - but keep the colours simple. I used the Stencilgirl Deconstructed Floral Bouquet Stencil by scraping modelling paste over the top of the canvases using a metal spatula. I made sure that I positioned the stencil differently on each of the 3 canvases so that they would not be all the same.

I waited overnight for the paste to dry, as I didn't want to use a heatgun because I didn't want it to bubble up but instead have a smoother surface.

The next step I wanted to make sure all of the canvases were coloured using the Colour Artist Ink watered down - I used Spice, Cranberry & Marine. Using a horsehair brush I coated each canvas.

I love how the Colour Artist Ink has soaked into the Floral pattern of the stencil.

With both of the Orange & Pink Canvases I decided to roughly smear Colour Paste Tangareen Dream  & Lipstick over the top of the Ink & Paste.

I wanted a rough looking effect - scraping thinly and thickly in different parts of the Canvas.

I used a heatgun to dry them out, not too close as I didn't want it to bubble up. 

The Blue Canvas I wanted to experiment a little differently using the Clear Shimmer Brush Marker over the top of two of the flowers, and colouring using another paintbrush the other 2 flowers using a less watered down Colour Artist Ink Marine {so that it was a little darker}.

I decided that it still needed more so I have used the Stencil A5 (Medium) Bird by Michelle Grant

 I used a thin layer of White Heavy Gesso. I let this dry overnight. I then used watered down Marine Artist Ink to darken the bird and make it standout.

Unfortunately the photos don't show the shimmer & shine - which does looks amazing!

The plan for these canvases were to hang them on the wall going up the staircase to the kids rooms, but when I set them up they were way too wide apart. I decided they would go at the bottom of the stairs, along with my next WIP {the canvas below the 3 finished canvases} You may see this in another blog post soon!

Thanks for looking & hope you've enjoyed my simple but effective tutorial! 

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