Friday 24 August 2018

Love by Ros Aggett-Madley

Hello again.  Today I am sharing a layout with a few of my favourite things.

I wanted to make an ombre type background but wanted it to blend seamlessly.  I mixed some Deep Water Colour Paste and Just Blue Colour Paste to create a shade that is in between the 2 colours.
I've mixed a little of these up on a palette, blending until I achieved a solid colour.

I've then swiped a line of each colour, darkest to lighest, with a plastic card across my page.

I had trimmed a cm off the edges of my paper with the intention of creating a frame for it.
On a 2nd piece of cardstock, using the same plastic card, I made a border with the left over mix of Colour Pastes.  To make it more cohesive with the main piece of layout, I've then swiped over this in a couple of places with the Deep Water and Just Blue Colour Pastes.
Once this was dry, I adhered my other piece of card to the top.

For my title I have layered on Envy and Sunshine Colour Embossing Powder.
For this I gave the chipboard 3 coats of Envy.  Once the 3rd layer was melted, I carefully sprinkled some Sunshine Embossing Powder in little patches across the word, heating it as I went.  I repeated this until I was happy with  how it looked.

I love the look of Embossing Powder when it's combined with more than one colour.

Before I assembled my layout I splattered the page with some Marine Colour Artist Ink and some Lemon Zing Colour Mica Powder.  I mixed the Mica Powder in a little binder to help it stick to the page.

Hope you've been inspired. 

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