Friday 10 August 2018

Smile by Ros Aggett-Madley

Hello (big, big wave) from me.  I'm very excited to have joined the Colour Blast team and super excited to share with you my first project.

My page today features Colour Embossing Powder.
That's it, nothing else.
I thought I might share a few different techniques that you may never have tried or maybe just not used for a while.

The title on my layout was done first.  I have laid down a whole heap of  Envy Colour Embossing Powder on the the bottom corner of my page.  Nothing else is needed for this, the melting of the powder will adhere it to your page.
Because there's a whole heap there, not being held by anything, you need to heat the powder until melted by holding your heat tool under your page.  Moving it slowly until all melty and liquid.  Whilst the powder is still hot, press your stamp into the melted powder and hold down firmly for about 30 seconds.
You can't muck this up.  If it's not how you wanted it, reheat and melt it again until all the impression has gone and stamp again.
I used a clear polymer stamp but have seen this technique also done with red rubber.

You may notice that your page buckles a little when the Colour Embossing Powder is set.  I just very lightly warmed the powder from underneath again, being very careful not to melt the impression, and straightened my page out that way.
If you try and smooth it out when it's set, it cracks.
Lesson learnt.

I have place a long piece of chipboard on my layout.  I again used the Envy Embossing Powder.  This time I've stamped my chipboard piece with some embossing ink and then sprinkled over the Colour Embossing Powder.

Once melted with my heat tool, I have repeated this another 2 times.
I love my chipboard pieces to have a really thick, lush look so will normally emboss with 3 layers of powder.

I wanted to use some stamping as another feature on my page.  This was done by stamping some embossing fluid on a piece of vellum, heating and then fussy cutting.

My page is all about the Envy Embossing Powder and I knew that when I put it all together, it would still be lacking a little something.  
Another awesome thing about embossing powder, is the way you can pimp up your embellishments.
I've taken some old pearls out of my stash, stamped over the top of them with an embossing fluid stamp pad and covered in embossing powder. 

This ones a little messy to do but gives you perfect goodies for you layouts.

All done with gorgeous Envy Embossing Powder

Hope you've been inspired.

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