Friday 13 July 2018

‘Holiday Sunset’ by Amy

Hi All!
My first share for July! 

This sunset was captured on our family farmstay holiday last year. We enjoyed a fabulous week away with a special friend and her gorgeous family. They have a beautiful sheep farm in Victoria. Our trip left me with a deep admiration for this hard-working family, who made us feel so welcome.

To start with, I grabbed a sheet of this rustic coloured patterned paper. Using a chunky hog bristle brush and 'Black Heavy Gesso' I painted it horizontally onto the page and set it aside to dry. The Gesso dries very quickly.

To keep with the rustic / ‘industrial’ theme I found this stencil in my stash. The contrast of the ‘Bling’ texture paste was perfect to use against the black. 


The next step was to splatter randomly, both Sunshine Colour Spray and Sunshine Shimmer Spray over the black areas.

After this was completely dry, I tore strips of some tissue Washi tape from my stash and placed it over the black.

To add some more colour to the background, I painted and splattered both Sienna and Sunshine Shimmer Cube mixed with water.

Finally, using a baby wipe, I rubbed some 'White Heavy Gesso' over the black. This allowed the background to blend in better. Oh! …and I splattered some 'White Heavy Gesso' mixed with water randomly around as well. After the background had completely dried again, it was time to embellish the page using things in keeping with the rustic / industrial theme.


Here are some closeups of the layout.


Thank you for stopping by today so that I could show this to you.

Amy 😊

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