Thursday 26 July 2018

Laugh Every Day by Suzy Loudon

Hello everyone. Welcome back. I hope I can offer some inspiration with my layout.  Keep reading for my process.

To begin my layout I added some Heavy White Gesso through a small stencil.

I sprayed some water on my page then dropped some Grape  Colour Spray, then I gave the drops of colour a spray with water. I dried each section with my heat gun, pooling the colour. I repeated this process until I had the coverage I was happy with, then built up the layers some more.

I layered up my photo with cardboard and papers.

I coloured all my white flowers.To do this I sprayed some Grape  Colour Spray onto my craft mat. I added some water then using my paintbrush painted my petals. After each flower I added more water, making my flowers lighter as I went.

I embossed my chipboard with Dusty Charcoal Colour  Embossing Powder. I did a small section at a time. Before setting my second coat of embossing I sprinkled some glitter on top. Then when I heat set it the glitter set into the embossing but the heat also changed the glitter green, purple and gold.

I used some watered down Black Gesso and sprinkled it around my layout. (I added a few more sprinkles after I had put my page together)

I sprayed my cheesecloth with some Road Base  Colour Spray. I dried it gently with my heat gun.

Here's a few close ups after my page was done. I tried to capture the cool glitter colours but it was a bit hard.

Thanks for looking.
xxx Suzy.

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