Friday 6 October 2017

Happy- By Fiona Hughes

Hey there, fellow Colourblasters. I hope your day is a amazing as you all.
Today, I want to share with you, this simple page of, "the Middle Child"- Ethan. 
Not a lot of technique involved , I'm sure you'll agree, but the effect is so good!
 (It's an absolutely horrendous photo but I scrapped it anyways.)

Starting with heavy gauge Kraft cardstock, I picked  a small or finely patterned stencil, and 2 contrasting Colour Pastes- Sienna & Stormy Weather.  I  smooshed these  super light & creamy pastes through my chosen stencil, randomly - why?.... because i can!!!!!
How good does it look!?

After letting this shimmery goodness dry, I grabbed my Colour Shimmer Sprays, in the same colours - Sienna & Stormy Weather,

Using the smooshing or packaging technique, I transferred these seriously cool colours over my stencilled background.

I also applied some splatters over the page too, in the  Dusty Charcoal -Colour Shimmer Spray.
Heat tool to the rescue!! Hehehe!

At this point I decided to free draw a black border around the edge of my page.

And then using only a doily, some  gold tiny word stickers, a little handmade embellishment I crafted out of some leftovers, a tag and some scrap patterned paper..... a tag, some washi, a flair badge and an acrylic title piece, I discovered in a kit I hadn't used.

So simple but effective, with the help of the Colourblast Range.

Roll up your sleeves girls, and give it a go.

Have a great day. Until next time,

Cheers,   Fi x x

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