Saturday 14 October 2017

"Fish n chips" by Amanda H.

Hello Colour Blast fans!

My turn to share today, with my first page for October. One that celebrates those awesome little family moments - like fish and chips at the park, by the bay.

Here is a quick sneak, before I show you the steps I took to create this page.

 Firstly, using a make up sponge, I added some White Heavy Gesso lightly through a stencil.


Next, using Olive Grove Colour Mica Powder, I mixed the powder with some gel medium. Mix a little or a lot here, to get the colour shade you want. Also mixing with gel medium helps it retain it's true colour and shine (as oppose to when it is mixed with gesso).
Next, I applied the paste through a stencil

With the remaining paste, I sprayed some water to make up a paint that I could use to colour some embellishments.

First I coloured a flower.

Then I coloured the leaves of a diecut flower.

Lastly, I coloured a piece of white muslin.

Next, I grabbed my pot of Punch, an awesome shade of hot pink in the Colour Shimmer Cubes. I painted the flower of the die cut.

And I splattered some of the colour onto the background.

I even used the Punch to paint a border around the page edge.

Lastly, I used it to paint directly onto some wood veneers. Really... Colour Shimmer Cubes can be used to paint anything!
Now by the light of day, you can see how I have layered my photo with papers and embellishments to finish the page.

 Thanks for looking today!

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