Sunday 22 October 2017

"Hibiscus Floral" by Melissa Struhs

Happy Sunday Colour Blast Fans! I hope you have all had a chance to enjoy some creative time this weekend, that is my plan too! Here's what I managed to create late last week. If you are anything like me, you have purchased some great supplies and are guilty of not using them yet. I have had a few sets of stamps sitting in a basket just waiting for me to play. I didn't really plan to make this into a project like a card or layout, rather just as a stand alone piece to frame.

I began by placing the cling stamp in my stamping platform

and then cut a panel of watercolour paper and attached it securely with two magnets.

Black Staz on Ink was used to stamp the image clearly, making sure that all of the gorgeous details were perfect.

I was looking for a few simple products that I could add some hand coloured elements to the floral accents. And the Colour Shimmer Cubes were the ideal products as they create so much detail with relative ease.

I chose 3 colours that fell in the green tones....Apple of my EyeEnvy and Deep Water Colour Shimmer Cubes. These are really colours that I gravitate to in most of my scrapbooking and to be honest, it was a nice way to spend a rainy Sunday just planning on painting and colouring in with my favourite colours.

I used my water pen with the finest tip and activated my Shimmer Cubes with several sprays of water, dipping the brush in and beginning with the middle of the floral pattern and painting outwards. This technique gives the illusion of darker centres and lighter tips.

You can drag more colour out to the edges if needed. By no means am I an experienced colourist...I don't have a great grasp on blending and really just love the relaxed vibe that it provides to sit and paint intricate designs.

 Who knew that colouring in the lines would be something we could use later in our creative lives. But sometimes, some splashes can break a very neat and tidy look and add more interest.
Of course, with so much shimmery mica in the cubes I became a little too much of a solid look as it dried. 

What I truly needed was another tone of colour and the Colour Shimmer Dusts could be used in the same way, with the equipment that were already in use....

Paris, Lush and Peacock Colour Shimmer Dusts were chosen to add another layer to the centre of the floral images. By mixing a tiny amount of the dust to some water, it was painted directly over the top of the Colour Shimmer Cube colours.

Apple of my Eye and Paris were was Deep Water and Peacock,

and finally Envy and Lush as well. 

While the Shimmer Dust colour were already made, a few more flicks of colour were added in the same spots as their corresponding colours.

The darker elements create so much more dimension and texture to the image.

I am a huge believer  in the end of the day, it is a piece of watercolour paper. If it doesn't turn out, try it again! You may have noticed in an earlier photo, that I had stamped a second image....just in case! 

Perhaps this weekend, you could dig out some stamps and create some unique and hand coloured embellishments for your next project.

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