Wednesday 4 October 2017

Moments that we share by Danielle Vertigan

Today I'm sharing one of the special moments that I'm
super lucky to have with my gorgeous little girl.
Being able to share a love of Calisthenics with her is amazing but taken it to the next level and
 being a member of the same club with her, competing and really sharing everything the ups, the downs and the stage 
is actually amazing.
We are each others biggest supporters and I'm super proud of her.

So lets get started.

I've got a great selections of products on this layout today.

Using White Cardstock I mounted it onto a 12x12 sheet of cardboard.
Then I layered a selection of 3 stamps.

I layered tissue paper over this with gel medium as my binding product.
Its important to keep the tissue creased and textured you don't want it smooth.

Once dry I used the Colour Shimmer Dust in Lollipop and applied it with two methods. First using the paint brush I mixed a little of the powder into water on my paint palette and applied this as a water colour direct to my page.
As it dries you can re-apply to intensify the colour.
I then sprinkled the powder directly to sections of my layout and spritzed the powder up close.

I have chosen 2 Stencils to work with.
I layered my first using the Snow White Colour Paste.
You will see in the pic below how its picked up the Colour Shimmer Dust as its dried.
I love the sneaky gold fleck that's appeared as its reacted directly with the water on the page.

Next I added my birds with the Steel Colour Paste.
Its definitely a new favourite.

Don't they look Great???
I haven't added any colour yet to the bottom section of my page.
So using the Colour Shimmer Spray in Rose Petal I spritzed the entire lower section of my layout where I have stamped and tissue papered. I also added another layer of colour  to the top section.
then set it aside to dry.
Next I positioned my photo's and embellished.

I didn't have a paper trimmer with my so I layered my photos directly onto my patterned cardstock and cut it using my scissors to create a photo matt.

This is a great shot to really see the colour picked up by the
Colour Paste.
You can also see how spraying the powder that has been directly applied to the cardstock spreads in a fine dust that sits clean on the page without bleeding.
A little water staining from the Spritz is also a really nice touch.
Some journaling has been added along with a freehand border using a black gel pen.

I'm loving the birds sweeping my page and the colour are so striking.

I'm so happy with the finished product and love that I can feature many images in my layout.

Thanks for taking my journey.
I hoped you enjoyed the process as much as I enjoyed creating it.
All these gorgeous products and more are available for purchase at
Get yours and start creating you are only limited by your imagination.

Thanks for stopping by...

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